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Slope Stabilization

Slope Stablization

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As a lightweight durable material, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Geofoam is used by construction professionals around the globe for all manner of road and bridge construction purposes. One area that it really excels in is the stabilization of slopes. Unstable slopes can be costly, both in monetary and time perspectives.

Using it stabilizes slopes by removing a portion of the existing soil and replacing it with our Expanded Polystyrene Geofoam solution. The top of landslide and improves its stability. No special equipment needed. Using it is safer than soil not only because it is much lighter, but also because it isn’t affected by temperature cycling. Using eps geofoam in slope stabilization include reduced maintenance and labor for the overall project, less traffic impact, cleaner construction, and maximized available right-of-way. It’s resistant to mold and mildew, as well.

Improving slopes with geofoam

Improving slope stability, whether in new construction or in repair, is an increasingly popular use for EPS geofoam. Using EPS geofoam decreases the overall slope weight, thereby lowering the driving forces.

EPS geofoam is super lightweight – only 1% the weight of soil, which weighs 110 to 120 pounds per cubic foot. That means it can significantly reduce the pressure and load against the side of a hill and reduce the shear stress on underlying soils, substructures or adjacent structures, decreasing rotational and lateral slope movement. All of this means a more stable slope.

Soil is subject to erosion, which can cause slope failure, but erosion’s not an issue for EPS geofoam. It’s strong (up to 60 psi) with a high compressive resistance rate, so it can stand up to harsh conditions. It won’t rot, deteriorate under normal conditions or decompose over time, making it practically maintenance-free. In addition, EPS geofoam’s closed-cell structure (98% air) inhibits moisture intrusion. EPS geofoam resists vibrations, absorbing the impact of earthquakes and tremors on the slope, to keep it more stable.

Finally, because EPS geofoam is so lightweight, construction workers can lift and position the pieces by hand. No heavy earth-moving equipment is required. That makes for a faster, easier installation than using soil. So, when your project involves improving slope stability – whether it’s for a new project or a repair to an existing hill or embankment – consider using EPS geofoam. With EPS geofoam you have the potential to improve the longevity and stability of the slope, dramatically reduce the amount of maintenance required, finish the job faster and easier, reduce your workforce, and save money.